Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Get Away!

Jimmy and I were able to get away...thanks to mom and dad Miller! My good friend Alison and her husband are moving to Washington and they had a going away party for them at Camp Pendleton, Oceanside. We had a great time relaxing and hanging out with friends. Jimmy took some amazing sunset photos which I have below! We stayed at a beach cottage with Dave and Ali and her Mom, Sister and Brother in Law (and his parents!) It was a full house, but great time without kids for a night!

On our way to the beach and back, we just enjoyed the quiet car, not hearing little voices fighting, asking for music and just talking! It was great! When we got back, we went up to Yucca Valley for a birthday party and took the kids, needless to say, we didn't have a very quiet trip up there! Don't get me wrong...we love our kids, but it is just nice sometimes to have a break from them and just enjoy each other!