Monday, June 23, 2008


Do we look a little relaxed or what? Well, we have been the past couple of days. Mom and dad took the kids to Colorado for this week, so we have been kid free for 2 days...don't get me wrong...we do miss them, but have enjoyed just having each other for a bit! Yesterday we went out to lunch after church, then went to a movie, then to some friends' houses. Today we went up to the Palm Springs Tram and hiked around a bit. If anyone wants to see how out of shape they are (like me!)...just walk up and down the hill from the tram and you will see! I sure am not a hiker, but I really tried today. Had to take a few...make that a lot...of rests, but we had fun anyway! Jimmy can be tough to keep up with sometimes! He is a dare-devil...UNLIKE his wife! I did pretty well climbing the rocks though. Enjoy some of the pictures we took today! What a beautiful place to be!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Photo Shoot...or trial of one at least

Well, I guess I need lessons on how to use our Digital Camera because these pictures all looked good on the camera but when I blew them up, they looked blurry. ARGH! I am not very good at the photography thing yet! Oh well, I'll maybe read up on it this summer and try to learn more! Austin was wearing a cute outfit and playing ping pong in the hallway, so I wanted to get some pictures of him. After shooting several, Autumn wanted some of her too, so I made the attempt. She was too cute and wanted to do all her own you can see! She is quite the model!
I got the official call today that I will get to stay in third grade next year! YEAH! I gave all of my stuff to the other third grade teachers, so now will have to ask for all of it back, but I am looking forward to my team and staying in the same grade level. Unfortunately I will have 30 kids, but the team I am on is awesome and that will make up for it! I will finally be in the same pod as the rest of them and will be closer to them. I am very excited that I get to stay!

My parents are here for the week and will be taking Autumn and Austin to Colorado with them on Sunday afternoon. I will then fly out to Colorado on the 1st and drive back with the kids on the 7th or 8th. It will be a good change from all this heat!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

First "Shiner"...and other stuff...

Well, we have had quite a week with Austin and his boo boo's! First, we had a little incident on his forehead, thanks to Autumn and a plastic bike pump last Sunday, then on Thursday, he fell at daycare and scratched his face, then Friday night the doozy came! Jimmy and I were helping our friends Josh and Ashley move, so we got a babysitter to come over to our house and watch all 5 kids. While she was making them dinner, the kids were outside and the boys were playing baseball, well, Austin had already been told to stand back, but his eye met the plastic ball bat. Boy can Peyson swing that bat hard! Needless to say, that explains this very black eye! I guess after that little incident, he and the other kids stayed far away from the bat as possible from then on...(hopefully he learned a lesson!? :)

Tonight we wanted to get some photos for the scrapbook (that someday will be done!:) so we shot a few of these photos while he was "reading" his new favorite book to us. He is quite a character these days and keeps us laughing lots. His favorite page of the book says "Every ghost loves a BOO!" and he reads it over and over again expecting to scare us when he says boo...then of course just laughs at us when we jump! It is pretty cute.

Autumn wanted her turn with the camera as well, so Jimmy shot a few of her too. She is also loving this new easy to read book that has been sitting on the bookshelf at my school for probably 8 or so years just waiting to be read. Glad I brought it home for them to enjoy!
Only 2 more weeks of school. I am looking forward to my summer. Lots of projects to do, but have to try to get all the school stuff done too. So much to do in so little time. So far, it looks as though I will be teaching 5th grade. I am very nervous about this and the team will be an adjustment for me, but hopefully it will go well. I should know for sure by the end of this week whether or not it will be 4th or 5th, but as for now, it is 5th. I have to get my classroom all packed up and moved by next, fun!

Well, that's pretty much it for now. Hope you all are enjoying keeping up with the Miller on the link below ( # comments) and leave us a comment to know that you are reading!