Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Colorado Ceramics...

Today we drove out to Delta to the Fat Cat Pottery. The kids were excited to paint. Autumn had ceramic horse heads, coin bank horses, jewelry boxes with horses on the lids to choose from... so logically she chose a pig sigh. At least Austin picked a football, probably due to the season ending Charger traumping over the broncos. They enjoyed being creative but they'll have to wait for Grammy to send them since they have to be fired. Jimmy kept wandering around the shop mumbling something about looking for the "refrigerator that had the KitKats." I take it Kathy has some idea what that means?

After cleaning up we walked through a couple of little shops downtown before heading to Sonic and then Walmart for a quick Christmas present exchange.

Not sure whats gonna happen for New Years. We're just hanging for the remaining time here. It's going quick.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas is here!!

Merry Christmas!! Hope everybody was good and Santa came to your house. I know I was and I got some pretty cool gifts. The kids had a ball opening gifts and they're at the age where their expressions are definitely bigger.

Austin got his 'rock and roll guitar' and already has the moves down. We took a break during
presents for mom's homeade Cinnamon rolls.

After getting through all the presents we headed outside for a family snowman building and sledding.

It snowed last night and was still snowing as we opened presents. Was the 'classic' Colorado Christmas. The prime rib is cookin' as the kids explore all the new toys and activities. Hope all is well and am looking to read all of your Christmas blogs!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!!

Merry almost Christmas! Today was the decorating of the gingerbread houses (of course made from scratch).

The kids even managed to save some of the decorations for the house.

After that they made apple cider with Papa out in the greenhouse.
Tonight we're going to Gramas for my Uncle's birthday party and then the Christmas Eve service. When we get home we'll let the kids start unwrapping. Hope all is well with all of you and you're enjoying this season.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Colorado Christmas...

Well we made it to Colorado on Saturday. We left pretty much on time, which was 4:15 (aye em). We had an uneventful trip on the way with all the roads mostly clear. The roads goin through Utah were a little frosted but no issues with ice. Total time was 11:38:42.

Since we've been here, the kids have been havin' a ball in the snow. Austin has tried to ingest as much snow that has fallen, including some icicles that were bigger than he is.

Just last night we got 8 inches. Jimmy (and Austin) shoveled the driveway which reminded him full well why we live in So Cal. Keep in mind my parents dont have a Ca size driveway either... its prob 200+ yards long and 20 ft wide.

I'll try to update as the days pass. If you want to see all the pics go to millerfamilyphotography.smugmug.com.