Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wish me luck....

So, don't we all hate going to the dentist? Well, I have been having problems with the dentist (s) we have been seeing for the past few years. About a 3 weeks ago I got a new crown and on Monday I went to see another dentist to meet him and get a second opinion on some Ortho work...well, he pretty much said that the crown I JUST got needs to be fixed and replaced AND I will probably need a Root canal...thanks to that other dentist....Now I am dealing with having to deal with that other office and fight for some money back. Today I had to take the day off to go see a Perodonist (sp?). He is supposedly going to look at that crown and decide what to do about it. So...I may be having a root canal today. Since I had to take the day off, I went ahead and made an Ortho appointment too. It looks like I am going to have to get braces...BUMMER. I am going to see what they say about the invisaline which I would rather do, but I may not be a candidate.
So....all this to say....wish me luck today...more later!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Growing Up!

Well, we celebrated both kids' birthdays this weekend. We had a cowboy/cowgirl birthday. The kids had a great time with their horse pinata and all their friends. Thank you to all of you who came to help us celebrate!

We had a very busy weekend with family. Grammy and Papa and Aunt Sherry and Uncle Larry from Colorado came for the week. Autumn had a recital at the fair, so we did the fair thing on Saturday. The kids had a ball riding all the rides and having fun with their cousins. Autumn even rode on the swings with Klaire by themselves. We were pretty surprised. They even wanted to ride a second time!

Autumn did a super job tap dancing to "The Little Mermaid" and "Lollipop." She was one of the original kids, so she got to be up front and she did a super job. I am going to attempt to put her video on here. This is the first time I have done this, so we'll see!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The past few days!

Last night, Jimmy and I went up to the tram with some friends for an early Valentines dinner. We had a great time. It was absolutely beautiful up there. The mountains are so peaceful. We had fun chatting with our friends Aaron and Lyndsey and just catching up. Unfortunately, we had to leave a bit early as Lyndsey began feeling pretty sick. It was an enjoyable evening despite the circumstances!

This morning, we woke up to take the kids back up to the tram, but before we did, we wanted to get some Birthday pictures of the here are a couple of them!

After the photo shoot, we headed up to the tram. We had a great time playing in the snow. The kids did great despite no naps. They both loved eating the snow...we had our reservations, but it is a little hard to keep them from licking their gloves all the time! :) Autumn loved to climb up any hill she could find and since we just got her some snow pants, she loved sliding down on her bottom. She did some pretty fancy sliding and rolling! It was a great family day and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! We didn't even need 1/2 of the things we searched all over the desert for on Saturday, but it was worth it! Here are some shots of our day!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Autumn is 5....time sure does fly!

I can't believe Autumn is already 5 years old. To celebrate on her day, we made cupcakes for preschool and then took her to Good Stuff Pizza for dinner. Grandma and Kathy were able to join us for dinner, so we had a small little "party" for her. We will have her big party next week with Austin's birthday.

Turning 5 comes with it's challenges! Where did that attitude come from?? Surely not me! Unfortunately, I think she did get it from me. Hopefully we will be able to work on that area of our lives!

She just couldn't wait to open her presents. We got her a couple more horses and daddy found her a great large horse stuffed animal which she named Starlight after a horse book she got from mommy for Christmas! She had to take it to preschool today and slept with it all night last night!
I just can't believe how time flies! My little girl is almost a kindergartener...I was told yesterday by my principal that she could even start right now and go to 1st grade next year...don't think I am quite ready for that one!
On another note, this week has been quite a week...Lots going on in all areas of my life. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. We are having to try to decide whether or not to keep Autumn in the current preschool she is in. I have been unhappy with it from pretty much day one and my unhappiness has been confirmed by State visits and MANY violations of state requirements and making NO effort to make any changes. I just don't know what to do at this point in the year. I may have to take a day off next week and check out some more preschools to see if I even have an option of moving her at this point in the year. I thought we had made a good decision when we put her there. Granted, she has learned a lot, made friends, has great teachers, but some other aspects of it are just unnerving! Hopefully we will come to a decision in a week or so whether or not to keep her there.
Well, it is late and I need to get to bed since my stupid crowns are bothering me...I just got the new permanant ones put on today and might have to go back again to have them adjust it once again. We'll see how tomorrow goes. Tata for now...