Friday, August 22, 2008


Well, I survived my first overnight backpacking trip in about 18 years! Lyndsey and I were able to join the guys on this trip last weekend. We had a great time...very sore muscles for me, lots of rests and huffing and puffing, but I made it. The sights were incredible and besides the fact that we didn't sleep too well, the stars and full moon were incredible to lie underneath!

Isn't this an awesome picture that Jimmy captured of the beautiful full moon? I am impressed by his ability to capture the moments!

Here I am trying to manuver myself over all the rocks...I was a little nervous climbing, but the views were worth it and I was able to do it without injury.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Austin's First Day...Medeival Times...The beach...and other events!

Well, these past 2 weeks have been a bit crazy for us. I started taking the kids to the library after we got back from Colorado and last week was the last week of the bug theme summer reading program. They had a show where they brought in live bugs for the kids to touch. Here is Austin holding a walking stick! Autumn didn't want anything to do with it but look at it!Last weekend we took the kids to our friends, the Swearingen's on Friday night to spend the night. The kids had fun jumping on their trampoline, then walking to the park for a few minutes before bedtime. The following day, we woke up and headed to the beach. We decided to let the kids experience the Newport Ferry and take the car on it, then go to Balboa Beach and eat at Ruby's on the Pier. The kids had a super time jumping in the waves even though they thought it was a little scary and had to hold our hands the whole time! Autumn didn't want to go in the water at first for fear of the jellyfish (her last memory of the beach was Florida and getting stung by the jellyfish!) After the beach we headed back to the Swearingen's to shower and get ready for Medeival Times. We thought the kids would love seeing the Knights and the Horses. They LOVED the show up until the Knights started fighting. Austin was pretty cute trying to drink his soup out of the bowl since they don't have any utensils and you have to eat your meal with your hands. He was pretty happy when Papa bought him a sword (don't's a soft one!) and Autumn got a Princess hat which she loves and wants a dress to go with now! They did have fun despite the fighting! Autumn of course LOVED the Horses and all the tricks and different things they did with them.

Autumn was so upset when our BLUE Knight didn't throw her an "umbrella" (hey it looks like one from far away!) She was crying and wanted one, so the next time he came out with flowers, Jimmy stood her on her chair and we both stood up pointing to her. We had this annoying 16 yr. old in front of us who was jumping up and down every time he brought out flowers trying to get one. well, he had a good arm and threw it right over her head and into my hands!!!! I was so happy for Autumn! The kids in front of us even had the gall to ask us if they could have the flower...I said "No Way...Sorry...she's 5!" Anway, here is her prized flower!

Austin started 1/2 day preschool this Monday and seems to really like it. We wanted him to get used to being at school and wanted to ease him into it, but he seems to be doing well. He asks every day if he can stay and take a nap there! All in good time son...all in good time...

And...last but not least, I got my braces on Monday. WOW does my mouth ache!!! Sorry, no pictures of them...I'm sure there will be some soon! Hopefully I'll be better about keeping up with my blog when I take pictures...posting them that day...KATHY!!! (that's an inside joke with my sister in law!) Bye for now!