Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Colorado Christmas...

Well we made it to Colorado on Saturday. We left pretty much on time, which was 4:15 (aye em). We had an uneventful trip on the way with all the roads mostly clear. The roads goin through Utah were a little frosted but no issues with ice. Total time was 11:38:42.

Since we've been here, the kids have been havin' a ball in the snow. Austin has tried to ingest as much snow that has fallen, including some icicles that were bigger than he is.

Just last night we got 8 inches. Jimmy (and Austin) shoveled the driveway which reminded him full well why we live in So Cal. Keep in mind my parents dont have a Ca size driveway either... its prob 200+ yards long and 20 ft wide.

I'll try to update as the days pass. If you want to see all the pics go to millerfamilyphotography.smugmug.com.


Aaron and Lyndsey said...

Glad to see the Millers have finally updated their blog! Those are some killer icicles. I think I would be too afraid to let the kids lest they be impaled. Maybe your gift to your parents should be a snow blower machine?

Our Three Peas said...

Yeah!! Glad you all are having a blast! I love all the snow! Hope you all have a great Christmas! :-)

Jen said...

Love all the snow!! Makes me miss Minnesota just a little bit. :-)Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!