Monday, February 2, 2009


Well, I guess I've kinda fallen off the blogger wagon since starting facebook! I don't have any pictures to post at this time, but thought I'd at least update our happenings! We are planning the birthday parties for the kids and are looking forward to going to Disneyland on Austin's birthday for the first time (for the kids!) I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when we get there.
Jimmy is having to attend some tough classes in Riverside this last week, this week and 3 days next week. He is learning all sorts of math he never wanted to learn! It has been tough, but I am so proud of him and how hard he has worked to make it!
We are being visited tomorrow by the state which should be really interesting. We are supposed to have 15-16 people coming into our classrooms while we teach...not so sure where they are going to be standing! It should be interesting. I just hope my kids behave themselves tomorrow!
Well, better go get ready to face my day tomorrow!


The Lenarth Family said...

i hear ya about falling off the wagon. i just updated mine today after a month. that was long for me! gotta love facebook, but i have been pretty busy too. reading about jimmy's math experiences make me nervous about my upcoming summer classes. yep, going back to school! looking forward to seeing you sunday...and think we need to have a dinner date soon!!

Aaron and Lyndsey said...

Facebook has killed my blog. Aaron took it over for awhile but I think I'm back in the saddle again. As you can see, I haven't even checked anyone's blog in weeks. Sorry for the delayed comment. See ya tommorrow!